When to Visit Cambridge

When to Visit Cambridge

Like many New England destinations, Cambridge has four distinct seasons that make it a true treasure to visit any time of year. Whether you crave the intensity of the color of leaves in the fall, the crisp winter chill, the rebirth of spring, or the balmy summers, Cambridge weather has something for everyone. Here’s your guide to the best times of year to visit this historic city.


Cambridge gets quite busy in the fall – for good reason. It’s home to two famous schools: Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As students of these schools prepare to go back to class, their family and friends come for a visit and to help them get settled.

Not only that, but fall foliage will be in full swing. Towards the beginning part of the season, the city has a lot of green and brown leaves, but as the season progresses, these colors shift to orange, yellow, and red. The peak of this season comes around mid-October each year.

Just be aware that fall is also the most crowded, with hotel prices averaging $182 a night. Events in October like the Regatta, Halloween, and BU Parent Weekend all contribute to these rising costs.


If you’re looking for optimal weather in the area, you’ll probably want to take a visit during summer. June has the title of the sunniest month in Cambridge, while in July, high temperatures average 81 degrees Fahrenheit. June is slightly cooler at 73 degrees Fahrenheit, while August is just a bit cooler at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if you’re afraid of getting rained out, choose August, as this month only has an average of 1.5 inches of rainfall. June and July have 4.7 inches and 3.7 inches, respectively.

Hotel prices in these months can still be a bit steep, but generally, see a big drop-off come July. June averages $173 a night, while July and August are right in the $162-163 ballpark. Of course, you can always score the best deals and avoid overpaying due to fluctuations by using a hotel pricing site like HotelPlanner. By browsing ahead of time, you’ll find great rooms that won’t break your budget, no matter the time of year.


While spring is on the cooler side in Cambridge, it’s still a very popular time of year for visitors. With the Boston Marathon in April, prices soar up this month, peaking at a wallet-busting $180 per night on average. To save big, try going in early spring like March, as prices are only $164 a night. Temperatures can be chilly, however, with the average high reaching 36 degrees Fahrenheit.


New England winters are not for the faint of heart. However, if you’ve always wanted to check out Cambridge, don’t let a little chill stop you, as it’s the cheapest time of year by far to visit. Rooms drop to $161 a night in January and February. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy the city’s Christmas and New Year’s celebrations if you visit during this time.

As you can see, there are certainly advantages and disadvantages to visiting Cambridge at different times of year. Do your research before booking a trip to find the right season for your budget.

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