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Training Showbiz Dogs

Do you know this song? … “There’s no business like show business, Like no business I know…” Sounds familiar right? Well… training showbiz dogs to be “Hollywood Dogs” is a tough act if you think about it. Unlike us humans, we are naturally capable of doing make believe actings, facial expressions, and deliver the script lines as if it was true and genuine. But for dogs, it’s quite different and very difficult actually… imagine, training showbiz dogs as Hollywood Dogs is basically mentoring pooches how to be Hollywood Actors!!!

OK hold on, hold on, before you could teach your dog how to sing like these showbiz dogs as Hollywood dogs… we need to teach them the basics before learning those showbiz tricks. So the primary question is how do you teach them the basics? Teaching your dog could be as fast as 5-10 minutes as day or as long as 15 minutes a day. It doesn’t have to be an hour long or even half an hour long… that would be too long for a training session which takes a toll on you and the dog’s attention span as well. If you want them to give you their 100% attention all the time, you have to make it fun for them and fun time as well for you. You have to love what you’re doing and in doing this you don’t loose your temper when your dog seems to be quite inattentive to your commands.

Have you shaken your dogs paws ever? Then how do you expect them to learn how to shake hands…How about rollover or crawl… do you want them to learn how to rollover & crawl?

Well if you want your dog how to learn these basic tricks and the fundamentals of dog obedience training then you should hear out the fastest way on how to teach your “Showbiz Dogs as Hollywood Dogs” !!!