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5 Great Co-Working Spaces In Minneapolis

In an economy full of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and online business owners, the idea of co-working space has become very popular. In Minneapolis, many co-working spaces exist where you can pay a monthly fee to access an office environment, rent conference rooms, and enjoy office perks. The options in Minneapolis provide great opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs who sometimes require an office environment but do not want to deal with the overhead costs of a private office space.

Industrious Minneapolis Downtown

Industrious is a 20,000-foot co-working space for individual workers. It’s located on the 28th floor of Minneapolis’s RBC Plaza. You can rent a private office for just you or one for up to 12 people. This is a great spot for traveling workers to get office perks and Wi-Fi for a few days while you’re away from work for business. Free printing, a coffee and bar lounge, and local treats for you to purchase are some of the other amenities.

WorkAround Shared Office Environment

The WorkAround Shared Office Environment is a co-working space with private desks in a shared environment as well as small conference rooms. It’s quieter than coffee shops and many open-floor-plan office buildings. Plus, if you’re a member, you get access to services such as accounting and marketing. A kitchen is another perk that freelancers and entrepreneurs will love because you can make your own lunch and save some money.


FLOCK is a co-working space in Minneapolis geared toward creatives. The indoor environment is less like an office and more like a coffee shop, with comfortable chairs, intimate tables, and cool furnishings. The 6,000-square-foot space attracts designers, programmers, photographers, and more. Choose a spot at a long table and see what other creatives you meet, or find a quiet corner to hang by yourself. This dog-friendly environment also has storage lockers for your convenience.

Minneapolis Central Library

The Minneapolis Central Library was built in 2006 and is a large facility with lots to recommend. Meeting rooms are available if you need a co-working space for just a few days on a tight budget. Reserve the meeting room through the library’s website, and be sure to enjoy the art and adaptive technology opportunities that the library has to offer. Save yourself a commute — book a Minneapolis hotel near the library.

Restore Collaborative

Restore Collaborative is another co-working space designed to entice creatives. You can rent a co-worker desk, book conference rooms, and gain access to lots of cool amenities like free coffee and Wi-Fi. Seating is open at community tables or on couches. The space also has talking booths in case you need to have a quick one-on-one or meet an interesting business contact while in the co-working space.

Minneapolis’s co-working space options are expanding, and finding one that fits your business needs and your personal style is becoming easier. Consider one whether you’re traveling to Minneapolis and need the space for a few days or are looking for a long-term commitment at a co-working office space.