4 Water Related Things to do in Baltimore

4 Water Related Things to do in Baltimore

A visit to Baltimore opens up a world of adventures, whether it involves seeing sharks in action or boarding a pirate ship. Make the most of your trip by hanging out near the water. You won’t want to venture past the harbor once you realize how much you can do.

Paddle a Little, Drink a Little

Taking a water tour in Baltimore is a bit different from what you experience elsewhere. Here, you can up the ante and book a Paddle and Brewery Tour. Enjoy the tranquility of paddling on calm waters, which will also provide you with some fitness perks before you reach your destination: a brewery.

Most tours take you on the Monocacy River. You can choose between a canoe or a kayak. The ticket price includes a lovely picnic lunch. That’s the ideal complement to your brewery tour, which can take you to any number of local breweries and microbreweries, such as the Barley and Hops Microbrewery. Your visit there comes with delicious appetizers and the opportunity to sample six beers. After that, have a leisurely picnic and then enjoy paddling back to your starting point.

All Aboard a Boat Tour

Want to become a pirate for the day? Climb aboard an Urban Pirates tour, which will take you around the Inner Harbor in the coolest pirate ship you’ve ever seen. Just don’t try to steal anyone’s booty, or you might get thrown in the brig. For a less threatening option, American Sailing Tours offer a beautiful nighttime sail that’s a treat in warm weather.

You can look into water sports, too, if you book with Watermark Harbor Cruise. There are yachts to book to taste the richer side of life. During your visit, check into charter companies that provide lessons, as well. You could learn to sail while you’re in Baltimore. Research hotels near the Maryland Science Center, which is in the Inner Harbor, and you can enjoy being in the center of all the harbor activities.

Get Hands-on at the National Aquarium

Baltimore’s National Aquarium is a draw all its own. It’s the place to go for anyone who loves aquatic life and enjoys a relaxed, educational walk through a spacious aquarium. Take in the dolphin shows and marvel at the smart, graceful mammals. Are you bold enough to put your hands on a jellyfish? You can try your luck at the aquarium. The rainforest feature is another favorite. All in all, you can get up close and personal not just with fish and aquatic species, but also birds, reptiles, amphibians, sharks, and marine mammals.

Experience History at the Harbor

Going back to the Inner Harbor, why not view a living museum? Baltimore doesn’t have a maritime museum because the section of the Inner Harbor devoted to historic vessels serves the same purpose. From a tall ship dating back to 1854 to a submarine from World War II, you can buy tickets to tour as many ships as possible. There’s a lighthouse in this area of the harbor, which is free to visit.

Baltimore has treasures hiding in every corner. What water-related activities will you try?

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